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Quick-E-Wall Screed System
Quick-E-Wall Screed
Quick-E-Wall Screed System

Quick-E-Wall Screed

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Install 15' of perfectly level base quickly and efficiently. Every. Single. Time.

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The Quick-E-Wall Screed tool may be better described as a retaining wall installation system. The tool's simple construction makes preparing a 15' length of base a very simple task.

  • Prepares a perfectly level base quickly and efficiently - each and every time.
  • No comparison to the accuracy and ease of installation
  • Eliminates carpal tunnel & tennis elbow that could be attributed to old install procedures
  • Four screed pipes are connected to each other by 5' lengths of chain to keeps them the optimal distance apart for using the Quick-E-Screeder Package or the 6' Quick-E-Straightedge.
  • The chain is used as an offset or layout guide for the wall being built.

After compacting the excavated subsoil for your retaining wall, bring the base material to within 1/2" of grade. Lay the Quick-E-Wall Screed chains out in the desired line or curve of the wall. Next set the grade for each of the screed pipes. Each pipe should be checked at both ends for the proper hieght and will have to be "dug" in to ensure that the top of pipe is at grade. Screed the gravel to finished height and lightly tamp it to firm it up. Spread a light covering of bedding sand over the entire area and screed off to grade. Gently place your first course of retaining wall block using the chain as an offset guide and flipping each screed pipe out of the way as you proceed down the wall. Leave the last screed pipe in place and move the chain and pipes into place for the next section of wall. Confirm that the first course of the wall is perfectly level in every direction, using a 6' aluminum level.

The flexibility of the chains can also help you lay out the curves in any paver installation. Simply lay the chain in a nice, flowing arc. Using your cut off saw, score the surface of the pavers using your Quick-E-Wall Screed as a +/- ½” offset. Finish the cut as usual.


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Ron S.
United States United States
Wall screed

You won’t believe how much faster you will lay your wall foundation. I’ve been building retaining walls for 20 years and thought I had learned all the time savers. WRONG ! This little item has helped our production tremendously.

Kirk V.
United States United States

The tool and the company are awesome, fast delivery, great quality. Any paving tool I need from now on will be bought through Pave Tool .

Daniel C.
Great timesaver

I bought several tools at once after visting the PaveTool both at the HNA Show. I am thoroughly pleased with the Quick E wall screed, and the amount of time its saves my crew on preparing the base for our wall installations. It will save me money in labor over and over again.

Johnathan M.
Much Faster

The wall screed is also an incredible tool. One thing I have never really liked is setting base course on walls. We just did a small wall and couldn't believe how much faster the base course went

What a Timesaver!

We purchased a screed system and it has proven to be such a time saver for us! Our employees find it very convenient and easy to use. I definitely recommend investing in the Pave Tool systems. Great job in making these products available!