Optimas t-22 large paver laying equipment for commercial markets picks up one layer of pallet at a time
Optimas sold by Pave Tool T-22 allows one layer of a pallet to be laid at one time.
T-22 large paver laying equipment allows for a full layer of pavers to be laid at one time for the hardscaping industry
Optimas T22 Large Paver Closeup

T-22 Paver Laying Machine

Item# 54061

Ideal Introduction to Mechanical Laying!

  • Designed as a working machine and convinces with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • The machine focuses o the essentials.
  • Rugged, easy to maintain and user-friendly interface for the occasional users.
  • In contrast to other laying machines, a joystick is used instead of a foot pedal.  The ease of use for the beginner or advanced operator.
  • The boom has a V-shape which allows a clear view for the driver to work precisely.
  • A machine that focuses on the essentials with an excellent price-performance ratio.