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Precision is paramount in hardscaping. Pave Tool Innovators understands this necessity and offers a comprehensive range of grading tools that cater to every hardscaping project need. Whether you're working on gravel pathways, expansive driveways, or intricate patios, our grading tools are designed to ensure a level and smooth surface every time.

Grading Equipment Essentials

Our wide collection of hardscaping equipment includes levels, rakes, and specialized tools that are essential for any outdoor project. For instance, our Quick-E Laser Rod is a testament to precision, ensuring that your surfaces are impeccably level. Don't just take our word for it; check out the demonstration videos to see it in action.

For those looking to prep a bedding layer for pavers, our paver leveling tools, such as the Quick-E Screeder Package and Smart Level, are indispensable. They are designed to work seamlessly with various materials, be it stone, sand, or other aggregates.

Grading Tool FAQs

What equipment should I use to level the ground for pavers?

Our Quick-E Laser Rod is the ideal tool for achieving a level paver foundation. Its unmatched precision guarantees a perfectly smooth surface, primed for paver installation. Combining the Quick-E Laser Rod with a grade rake, allows you to create a flat base. Afterward, you can utilize our Quick-E-Screeder package and 1" O.D. pipes to screed the bedding layer and proceed with laying pavers.

How do you grade and level a gravel driveway?

Using our grading equipment, especially the laser rod and grade rake, you can easily spread gravel or stone to get the flat surface you need. Next lay down your pipes for screeding and screed standing up with the Quick-E-Screeder package. This ensures a perfectly flat surface to lay your paver. On larger projects, using the Planmatic attached to a loader, you can mechanical laser screed both the base material and bedding material. Making it the fastest and most efficient way to prepare the surface for pavers.

How do you level a retaining wall?

Retaining walls require precision. Our Wall Screed system ensures that your base is perfect allowing you to lay up your wall with confidence, preventing future structural issues.

How precise are your levels?

Our levels, such as the Quick-E-Level 8' with Handholes, are designed for utmost accuracy. They are calibrated and can be readjusted down the road if needed, ensuring your hardscape projects meet the highest standards of precision.

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For more information on our grading tools and other hardscaping equipment, view our collection or contact Pave Tool Innovators today. Your project deserves the best, and we're here to provide it.