Two man lifter, No Compressor Needed, Granite, Bluestone, West Cast, Natural Stone, Power Pack, Ergo Assist, Batteries & 1 hour Quick Charge, Toggle Switch, Hose, Suction for Hard to Reach Areas
Elite Suction Manual Package sold by PAVETOOL  consists of the Power Pack, Ergo Assist, Toggle, Hose and two batteries with a one hour quick charge
Pave Tool's Manual Package B1 includes the Ergo Assist, Power Pack, Hose and Toggle to pick hardscaping block

ES Manual Package B1

Item# ESB1

Regular price $5,116.95 USD

For the Quite Hard to Reach places like Roof Tops! 


  1. Power Pack
  2. Quick-E-Ergo Assist
  3. ES 25' Hose
  4. ES Toggle Switch 
  5. 2 - 20V 6Ah Batteries & 1 Charge Station


  1. Granite
  2. Bluestone
  3. Wet Cast
  4. Natural Stone 
Pad Size Item# Picks Non-Porous
12 x 12 ES006 470 Pounds
16 x 18 ES004 1,200 Pounds
12 x 36 ES005 1,640 Pounds
20 x 28 ES021 2,100 Pounds
18 x 36 ES003 2,400 Pounds
Slim Pad 8 x 18
with Adapter
SP101 350 Pounds