HF200E Suction Equipment Picks Porous and Non-Porous Products up to 440lbs
High Flow 200E suction equipment is an electric unit that picks up to 440 pounds
Optimas High Flow 200E
High Flow 200 E by Optimas is an electric vacuum lift solution unit for lifting wall block, slabs and other materials for the hardscaping industry
HF200E Paver Suction Tool unit by Optimas is an electrical unit suction equipment for lifting slabs and block as a two man handle or using an excavator for the hardscaping industry

High Flow 200E (Price Includes Pad)

Item# 54385A

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High Flow 200E - Picks Porous and Non-Porous Products up to 440lbs!

Equip with 2 adjustable handles, pressure gauge, and eye bolt for machine lifting. Can be attached to any carrier vehicle quickly and easily.  The pads are easy to change out.  

Technical Data:

  • Drive:  Electric 110V - Draws 12.54 Amps.
  • Lifting Capacity w. largest pad:  440lbs 
  • Weight: 41lbs


Part Item# Weight Rating
High Flow 200E w. Small Pad (12 x15.75") 54385a 220 Pounds
High Flow 200E w. Medium Pad (12x 24") 54385b 330 Pounds

    IMPORTANT:  Do not leave 200E unit suctioned for more than 30 seconds at a time.  Also, do not use with water.