Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp to pick slabs, retaining wall block, step treads that opens from 0-55.5"
Pave Tool Hydraulic Stone Clamp that lifts up to 1,000 pounds
Hydraulic Clamp Picking Stone
Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp in Action
Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp

Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp

Item# 40000-1

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Clamps are great...but Hydraulic Clamps take you to another level!

The Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp is more efficient and more effective! This clamp has 360° continuous rotation for full adjust-ability from the seat of your equipment. 

Grab multiple wall block, step treads and slabs.

Opens from 17"-55" and lifts up to 1,000 pounds


  • Hydraulic 1,000 clamp
  • Excavator adaptor
  • 360 continuous rotator
  • 3" Jaws (1-set)
  • 5.3" Jaws (1-set)

Combat the labor shortage with the 1,000 Stone Clamp!   

Call for Accessories:

  • Extension Kit 30"-78.7"
  • Deep Jaws 15.7" Deep

**Requires 4 hydraulic lines (2 Complete Circuits) 1 Rotating 1 Gripping

**Ships via LTL Freight