Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp Picking Retaining Wall Stone
Pave Tool Hydraulic Stone Clamp that lifts up to 1,000 pounds
Hydraulic Clamp Picking Stone
Optimas Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp
Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp

Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp

Item# 40000-1

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Clamps are great...but Hydraulic Clamps take you to another level!

The Hydraulic 1,000 Stone Clamp is more efficient and more effective! This clamp has 360° continuous rotation for full adjust-ability from the seat of your equipment. 

Grab multiple wall block, step treads and slabs.

Opens from 17"-55" and lifts up to 1,000 pounds


  • Hydraulic 1,000 clamp
  • Excavator adaptor
  • 360 continuous rotator
  • 3" Jaws (1-set)
  • 5.3" Jaws (1-set)

Combat the labor shortage with the 1,000 Stone Clamp!   

Call for Accessories:

  • Extension Kit 30"-78.7"
  • Deep Jaws 15.7" Deep

**Requires 4 hydraulic lines (2 Complete Circuits) 1 Rotating 1 Gripping

**Ships via LTL Freight