Quick-E-BL 980, Block Clamp, Step Clamp, Curbing Clamp, BL 980, 980, Clamp
Quick-E-BL 980 for picking step treads and SRW Block
Quick-E-BL 980 used to pick granite step tread, BL-980 block clamp, Clamping tool, hardscape tool, Pave Tool Innovators
Quick-E-BL 980 with I Spacer Insert
Block Clamp BL980 attached to the Boulder Grab in order to pick up large Boulders with an excavator
Quick-E-BL 980 used to pick irregular shape step tread, Rosetta Step Tread, Rosetta, BL-980 block clamp, Clamping tool, hardscape tool, Pave Tool Innovator
Quick-E-BL 980 with no insert
Use the BL-980 with an excavator to lift step treads or retaining wall block easily, BL-980 Block Clamp, Lifting Tool, Hardscape Tool
Quick-E-BL 980 with Wedge Insert
Quick-E-BL 980 Spec Sheet, BL 980, Specs, Directions

Quick-E-BL 980

Item# NT042

Regular price $1,146.95 USD

Pick Wall Block, Step Treads and More with this Multi-functional Block Clamp!  

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  • Move step treads front to back with minimal effort
  • Adjust quickly & easily
  • Major labor savings
  • 2 unique inserts available to accommodate different block types (sold separately)
  • Adjust from 0"- 38"
  • Holds up to 980 lbs.
  • Clamp itself weights 72 lbs.

2 Unique Inserts (click one of the links below for more information):


Quick-E-I Spacer


Click here for the Boulder Grab attachment


Quick-E-BL 980 Reinforced Replacement Pads Available.