Quick-E-BL 450
Quick-E-BL 450 2018 Model
BL-450 setting multiple cell retaining wall blocks with ease!
Building retaining walls with BL-450
Quick-E-BL 450

Quick-E-BL 450

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The Quick-E-Block Clamp can grab multiple blocks from your pallets just as they are delivered to the job site. 

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  • Adjusts quickly & easily from 31" - 51"
  • Holds up to 450 lbs.
  • Great for picking 4' step treads as well as irregular steps
  • Clamp itself weighs 45 lbs.

A 3-man crew with no Geo-Grid can install about 300 - 500 sf of wall block a day.

Quick-E-BL 450 Reinforced Replacement Pads Available.

Wedge sold Separately.  


INSTRUCTIONS:  Use the Quick-E-Block Clamp by pulling the bottom pin to adjust to the clamp width. The coupler is held in place with a second pin - it should be centered between the two clamping pads. Hook a rated chain, cable or strap to your machine and the clamp. You’re now ready to lay block with minimal effort! Quickly pick up on the chain manually or with your bucket to clamp the block. Set the block about 6” from the those last laid then pick up slowly on the chain to pick the clamp off the block. Now simply slide the blocks into place. When laying multiple cells with tapered sides, one block will be reversed. Simply spin the block around and slide it into place. You’re never lifting the block - just slide it.
NOTE: A hard hat should be worn at all times. Stay out of the swing zone and never get under the clamped block.