Quick-E-Gauge with Magnetic Torpedo Level
Quick-E-Gauge, Gauging base and sand, sand gauge, base gauge, gauging grades, Gauge
Quick-E-Guage in Action
Quick-E-Gauge, Gauging base and sand, sand gauge, base gauge, gauging grades, Gauge


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When it comes to installing pavers, accuracy is vital.

  • Set the height of your base & sand up against a fixed edge
  • Reduces the need for skilled grading labor by using a tool & system
  • Easily adjustable
  • Top tab is made for a magnetic torpedo level

NOTE: Different sized pavers will compact to various depths. Wider joints can also affect compaction. We suggest doing a small test section.


 After determining what thickness of paver you are using, simply loosen the knobs on the gauge and slide the plates up or down until the desired measurement (in millimeters) appears in one of the view panels. Line the points of the opposite window up with the mark that makes the two plates parallel. Bring your compacted base material close to its finished grade. Now place the side of the Quick-E-Gauge that says "BASE" onto the fixed surface you want to abutt. Strike off the gravel to produce a perfect final grade.

Next, set your 1" screed pipe, and check your height using the opposite side of the Quick-E-Gauge. The bottom of the sand side of the gauge should just touch the top of your screed rails. After the sand is roughly screeded, go back and use the "SAND" side of the gauge to be sure that your heights are perfect. Please note that the measurements are calculated for use with 1" screed rails. If you choose a different diameter screed rail, you will have to adjust the height of your Quick-E-Gauge accordingly.



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Huge time saver when working along driveways!

Makes setting the base and sand height along existing concrete quick and accurate! What used to take a significant amount of time before now takes a few minutes if even that and its more accurate! After setting the pavers with the packer (with pave tool innovators poly pad!) the pavers are exactly the height you need them to be!

Scott S.
Great Tool

Fast and easy to use, set the tool for your block depth and it is set up great top to provide base and sand layer heights. Once set just pull along surface to match, work great to lay in broader pavers with differing height than main patio!