Quick-E-Hammer for Hammering Quick-E-Hybrid Stakes into Quick-E-Hybrid Edging or Landscape Spikes into Edge Restraint or Quick-E-Hybrid Edge Restraint
Quick-E-Hammer, Spike Driver
Installing Steel Spikes in PVC Edging
Quick-E-Hammer with Spike Driver


Item# NT003

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Designed to rapidly install steel spikes in your PVC edging.

  • Install spikes or re-bar into edging
  • Proven to decrease workman's comp claims due to smashed fingers & hands
  • Alleviates tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and fatigue
  • Increase company moral
  • The countersink design allows a 10" spike to be installed without causing the little bounce that loosens the spike & causes edging to fail
  • Hammer drill MUST BE "SDS MAX" (hammer drill not included) - See below for SDS Max Video Explanations

Recommended hammer drill Specs:

  • At least 8.1 Ft. lbs of impact
  • At least 13 amp motor


To use, align the nail attachment with the top of the spike and push the power button to insert the spike.


How to tell if your Hammer Drill is an SDS Max - See Videos Below.