Quick-E 6' Level for Hand Screeding and Leveling
Quick-E-Level 6' (No handholes)
Leveling Outdoor Wall with Quick-E-6' Level
Leveling Concrete Blocks
Quick-E-6' Level on Gravel
Quick-E-Level 6' (No Handholes) on Stone

Quick-E-Level 6' (No handholes)

Item# QS006

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This is not an ordinary level - It can be re-calibrated!

The Quick-E-Level brought to you by Pave Tool, manufactured by Slip Industries is a Made in America level that offers a quality tool you can count on!

  • Level can be manually re-calibrated
  • Light-weight, durable extruded aluminum alloy
  • Welded end caps
  • Will hold a true edge indefinitely
  • Actual end size: 1" x 3"
  • Includes accurate level insert
  • Great for screeding too!