Quick-E-Lifters being carried
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Quick-E-Lifter with pavers
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By using one in each hand, the Quick-E-Lifters allow one man to lift and transfer approximately 6 to 16 pavers quickly, efficiently and safely from the pallet to the installation area.

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  • Holds 3-8 pavers each lifter.
  • Paver Sizes: 6x6, 6x9, 12x12, 8x8, (2) 4x4x8.
  • Haul 40% more pavers than by hand.
  • No more pinching fingers/hands when carrying or setting down.
  • 10lbs front carry puts 100lbs of torque on your back.
  • 80% of people in the industry for 10+ years will get a back injury
  • Speed up production by about 40%.

 "The number one disabler of people 45 and younger in this country is lower back pain." -Scott Bautch, DC

Buy a Set - Aim for symmetry. "Putting extra weight on one side of your body is one of the biggest back pain causes. Any time you carry weight on one side of your body for an extended period of time, it causes your spine to curve, and that leads to back pain symptoms" -Scott Bautch, DC, a spokesman for the American Chiropractic Association and chief executive officer of Allied Health Chiropractic Centers in Wausau, Wis.