Halder Sim81 Mallet
Halder Simplex 81 Sledgehammer cast iron housing and hickory handle
Sim81 Halder Mallet in action
Sim 81 Halder Mallet Moving Step Treads
Sim81 Mallet long handle

Halder Sim81 Mallet

Item# 3027.081

Regular price $175.95 USD
Halder Simplex 81 Sledgehammer with Black Rubber and Superplastic Inserts. 3.15" Face Diameter, 6.99' lbs, 31.5" Overall length
  • Cast iron housing
  • 7.5 lb. sledge hammer
  • Long wooden handle
  • One black, composite rubber head (medium hard)
  • One white, super plastic head (medium hard)
  • Handle and heads are replaceable

Replacement Black Heads, White Heads and Handles are available.