VME Starter Package (Only Quick-E-Ergo XL Backordered ETA 5/31/2022)(Adjustable T-Handle with 10x10 & 6x6 Backordered ETA 6/6/2022)

Item# VMES

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The Ultimate Vac Max Electric Package that has it all!

From T-Handle to Machine Laying with the Ergo Xl, this packages includes:

  • Vac Max E
  • 50' Power Cord
  • Adjustable T-Handle with 10x10 & 6x6 pad -Backordered ETA 5/20/2022
  • Caddy with 15' Hose
  • 4' Hose with Relief Valve (2)
  • Quick-E-Ergo XL (Only Quick-E-Ergo XL -Backordered ETA 5/31/2022)
  • 6.5x13 Pad
  • 16x18 Pad-