Weber MT CF3 II Compactor
Using the Weber MT CF3 II Compactor

Weber CF3 II

Item# 100320

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The CF 3 distinguishes itself by premium operating comfort, compact dimensions and optimum running characteristics. 

Application: compaction work in landscaping/hardscape and repair work.  IDEAL for Pavers, May be to heavy for slabs (check your slab spec's)

The special low-vibration guide bar (registered design) reduces the hand/arm vibrations and ensures comfortable work.
Compact dimensions and a folding guide bar facilitate transport of the machines. An easily accessible throttle lever is located on the guide bar.
Practical accessories (optional) additionally facilitate work.
For example: 3.2 gallon water tank available for the asphalt compaction.

Optional Accessories: Polyurethane Pad, Wheel Kit & Water Tank

Item# Model Engine Wgt./lbs CF/lbs Hz W (in)
100120 CF 1-II GX120 132 2248 95 14
100220 CF 2-II GX160 183 3372 95 18
100221 CF 2A (Asphalt GX160 181 3372 95 18
100320 CF 3-II GX160 207 4496 95 20
101001 CFR 90 GX160 198 3147 85 17


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