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CR 8 reversible plate compactor - powerful, sturdy, reliable 

Engine: Hatz 1D81

The bar was raised for premium class of manually operated soil compactors: CR 8 and CR 9 made by Weber MT.

The CR 8 MDM reversible soil compactor is the result of our ongoing research development. With a centrifugal force of 16,860 lbs., this high-performance machine is one of a kind in the industry. Optimum operating characteristics and other useful design features, such as the electric starter and the low hand-arm-vibrations, ensure comfort and relief for both the operator and the budget.

Their range of application spans from classic earthworks to paving. The balanced operating characteristics, low hand-arm vibrations and ergonomically designed handles allow you to work without getting tired and guarantee a high degree of user comfort. Handy features include lockable fold-up guide bars, which let operators adjust units to their height, and large lifting eyes, which make it possible to load the vibrating plates in a quick and safe manner.

Besides the standard version with a Hatz engine and electric start, the CR 8 soil compactor is also available in other variations: the “MDM” version with engine protection and the “CCD 2.0” version which includes the engine protection feature as well as the compaction control meter COMPATROL®.

Anyone can be a compaction expert with the CR 8 CCD with MDM (engine data management) and COMPATROL® compaction control system. COMPATROL provides the additional advantage of continuous compaction control and quality assurance of the compaction work performed.

The CR 8 is also available with WEtrac - the Weber MT machine data telemetry.

The standard CR 8 includes:

Height-adjustable guide bar.

Fully protected engine thanks to protection frame and engine enclosure.

Unobstructed access to all maintenance points (maintenance cover in the front).

Self-adjusting centrifugal clutch.

Electric starter with hour meter.

Hand-Arm-Vibrations < 2,5 m/s

  • Centrifugal force: 16,860 lbs.
  • Machine weight: 1,325 / 1,334 lbs.
  • Base plate: 40" x 28" (with extensions)
  • Engine: Hatz 1 D 81 (diesel)
  • COMPATROL® 2.0 optional 

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