Elite Suction Manual Package B2
Quick-E-Ergo XL, Two man Handle, Handle, Ergo XL Dual Handle, Paver Tools, Hardscape Tools, Hardscaping, Tools, Suction Handle, Suction Equipment
Using the Quick-E-Ergo XL with the ES Standard Power Pack, ES Pad Size 12" x 12", ES Toggle Switch, ES Power Pack Insert to Pick Natural Stone using Suction, Suction Pump, suction System, Suction Hardscape tools
Ergo XL for Suction and Clamps
Quick-E Ergo XL folded up for transportation

Quick-E-Ergo XL

Item# NT0861

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Ease the grueling task of installing heavy blocks & slabs

***This Item is only the Handhold, not a suction equipment package***